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Running X-plane 11 beta 8 , and would like to know how to activate the FMS on the Cirrus SF-50. The buttons don't seem to be active and I would like to use for flight planning.
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i have same problem but i though that nothing was working because there it to tactile thing that happens when i hit a button but i was getting indication on the pfd when i clicked a button

regardless i dont think all of the functions are programmed

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The Cirrus SF-50 appears to have a Garmin 1000.  I have not really looked into it, but I don't think the Laminar version is set up (yet) for FMS.  Maybe it is in the works since XP11 is still in Beta.
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Thank you..I don't want to file a bug report if there is a good chance the Garmin 1000 FMS has not yet been activated so far in the beta process. Mattracuch, perhaps if you get a chance, you could check your FMS for The Cirrus and let me know....
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I can only get "standard 6 functions" on the Garmin 1000 in the Cirrus.  Maybe FMS is still in the works.  I'll check a couple of Facebook Groups I follow and see if anybody knows anything about it.
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OK... Thanks very much.
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Can you ask austin about this, you can flile a bug or reinstall the beta