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i created a flight plan. Now i have the fms data.

I moved the data to the X-plane Output\FMS plans order but how can i activate my plan in a Boeing 737??

Can you help me?


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answered by (1k points)  is a good place to start.  He goes rather quickly, but just keep pausing the video.  After that, it's just trial and error.  Good luck!


Please either comment or give a thumbs up if this helps.  Matt
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Could it be better to have a good manual for the FMS? I think that is what we need...
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The X-Plane Gods tell me it's on their "to do List"
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There is a fairly decent FMS manual in the Instructions folder of X-plane 11.  My problem is like yours how do I actually make it "fly the plane".

I'd be interested if you have got any further with this issue.


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The best place to get help with a question like this would be in a discussion group, not here.  I recommend
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After pb 11 there is lots of bug in Autopilot through FMS, but here is how tu use it (still very bad manual here)

The description is for the Boeing 747-400


1. Start with to fill in your route in the FMS. Klick on FPLN button fill in (write the text, thereafter put it in) from/to airport. Thereafter write your first wp and klick "TO" button at right side. Thereafter go to next page by klicking on "Next Page" button fill in nxt wp, klick on top right button, nxt wp klick on right button below the second wp at the top of the page...until reach last wp. NOW klick on "EXEC" button to save the route.

2. Klick on CRZ button and fill in you top FL level in ft (i.e. 31000) klick on top right button "CRZ Alt". Now you have a flight route you can use.

3. Directly after T/O follow this 3 step. 1). click on "L" button on A/P engage 2.) klick on L_NAV button (This is the course autopilot). 3.) Klick on V_nNAV button (This is level autopilot). The V_NAV button has to be explained: If yoy look in FMS CRZ, page 1 and 3 there is Climbing and Decend DATA to be set. ie 250/FL100. When using V_NAV with full trottle the FMS will automatically set the "vertical speed" to keep that flight speed constant. i.e. lower the trottle will lower the vertical climbing speed.

WHEN REACH the top level ( must be set in FMS -see p1)the V_NAV button vill take over the throttle to keep the speed. - here is lots of bugs, act different each time, so be prepare for some problem.

When descend with V_NAV, you will use manually throttle to decide the "vertical speed" to and automatically keep a constant speed in same way as when did climb.

Pleas let me know if this is enough ;=)
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xp-0001r -> After some "bug" - fix you need to push "FL_CH" button instead of the "V_NAV" button to get a "climbing angle for constant speed" and set the speed directly on autopilot (Default set is 200 Mph).

When reach 10 000 feet, the optimal speed is 290, and on ca 24- 25 000 feet you go over to MACH 0.8.

The point to set 0.8 Mac is that on FL 310 and over the sound speed is getting lower, so the plane automatically lowering the speed to constant MACH0-8 instead. The maximum speed for B 744 is about 0.9 MACH. and this is 270 knots on FL410.

If you instead Fly on V_Nav the plane follow the setting in FMS as I mentioned above!

However, I have not find any way to fly on vector and reach ILS. It seams to be a bug-fix waiting to be able to fly on STAR-approach with Vectors at the finish.

THE FMS - STAR vectors is not possible "to follow" there is occoring "impossible" turns, and no glide-slope at the finsih... end....