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I thought owner's of XP10 get XP11 as a free download.  Is this not correct?  If not, where exactly do I go to buy it, hopefully, on USB?

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For now you can buy X-Plane 11 Digital Download (beta).

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No, they sold X-Plane 10 digital version plus X-Plane 11 digital...
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No, they sold XP-11 beta and threw a free copy of XP-10.  Since most of us already have XP-10,  the offer only benefits brand new users.
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Thank you for purchasing X-Plane 10+11 as a Digital DownloadThank you for purchasing X-Plane 10+11.....
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Note: X-Plane 11 is currently undergoing public beta testing. This gives users access to an early preview release aimed at finding and fixing bugs in the software prior to the “final” release. Because of the high probability of encountering bugs in the beta, all purchases at this time also include access to the X-Plane 10 digital download as well.