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I have bought Xplane 11 last week and and have installed Europe's sceneries.

But when I want to take off from Le Castellet or Marseille Provence (where I live) the sceneries are missing (just water).

So I am proposed to download these sceneries, I Agree. And the response of your server is that there is 0 octet to download (of course : sceneries are already installed).

How to resolve this problem ? Regards


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Hi Alain,

Please check the scenery .dsf files in your install. Global Scenery > X-Plane 11 Global Scenery > Earth Nav data then find the folder listed in the warning X-Plane should give you. Check and see if the .dsf file is 0kb.

If they are, some people have had success deleting the 0kb files so that the installer realizes it needs to download them again.