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After installing and setting up X-plane I wanted to try a quick GA flight around Faroe Island that to me is one of the nicest place to fly as there is mountains, water and a difficult airport to land on. All within a small area.


But when I start the sim it tells me that there is no land mass and it will only display sea.


When I follow the link and select download all areas of the world is does not help. Vagar airport is rendered but everything else is just water.


Is Faroe Islands missing in the Beta? When will it be added? I might be nice if you could post a list of areas that are missing.

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As writen on this page, it's a known issue that's going to be fixed in the next betas :


-Only goes to 60 degrees north/south latitudes"

And EKVG (I fell in love with that place too!!) is 62° North


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