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I have the OE-XAM bell jet ranger flight controls.  This includes cyclic, collective and anti-torque pedals.  I calibrated them both in windows and in x-plane 11.  They appear to be working properly in the calibration.  But when i start the simulator, as soon as i move the collective, the torque meter goes off the scale high, and the helicopter spins out of control and crashes.  As soon as the torque goes off scale, reducing the collective has no effect.  This happens with both the S-76 installed with x-plane 11, and with the Dreamfoil Creations Bell 206 I installed.

I am at a loss as to what to do to fix this.  I am new to flightsim, and know very little about these programs.  All I want to do is fly a helicopter, and I cannot find a way to do it with x-plane 11.

Any help would be appreciated beyond words.  Thank you

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You may find that using the Control Sensitivity screen helps. You can adjust how much X-Plane responds to joystick input. Here is a section of the manual that explains it a bit more, and this option is found in the bottom left corner of the Joystick settings screen.