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Hi have just downloaded the Sikorsky S-76 on X Plane 10.3.0(62) on the iPad. The helicopter can't fly as it behaves erratically. When the collective is full, it will not lift off and the same applies when no collective is applied. The helicopter will simply go to full power on its own every 15 seconds or so, then decreasing to no power after a few seconds. This cycle repeats itself and the helicopter just can't fly without crashing.
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I'm having issues with the helicopter too. It keeps losing power like the turbines are shutting down and then they power back up. It continues to go through a power down and power up cycle. Happens during level flight and hovers.

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From your description, I'm not sure this is a bug...

You need to be aware that the collective is inverted with helicopters. Lever pushed forward means low incidence

Then if you add too much incidence too quickly, you engine will slow down dangerously. So you need to control the collective smoothly and slowly.

Try this and tell us if it works.

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