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Hi Guys know you guys must be bizzy with the beta for x plane 11 i just want to ask South Africa has no scenery around the airports just water but i did install the south african scenery,is this still under developmet or is there an error on my download side?



Clinton Troskie

CT Developments

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Hi Clinton,

I have scenery at FAOR. X-Plane will tell you exactly what scenery tile you are missing. Check in Global Scenery > X-Plane 11 Global Scenery > Earth nav data > then in the folder for the scenery tile. Check if the scenery tile X-Plane is missing is in the folder it should be, and if it has 0kb size. If it does, you will need to delete the tile and then add the scenery through the installer. X-Plane can't use the 0kb files, but the installer thinks you already have it installed.
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Thanx so mush for the help will try that tonight
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I read the answer above. I have only had X-plane for a few days and have a similar question about scenery for South Africa. When I look in Earth Nav Data I see folders that are labelled +00+000, +00+101, etc.Are these the scenery tiles? How do I know if one is missing?
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If you are looking at folders, you are still one step back. You'll need to find the right folder (it's the first part of X-Plane's on screen missing scenery message) then look in that folder for the .dsf files. They are the second part of the error message.