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I have all the latest versions and my computer is powerful enough. is this a scenery transition problem? txs erik I have attached the log text file also am flying ramsess 767

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I have a similar problem. On URWA Astrakhan both plains - Carenado Mooney Bravo and Default C172 - crash at a blue line crossing the runway and the taxiway.

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Entirely different bug - at URWA there is a "rift" or "seam" in the scenery, crashing a taxiing airplane.

If you want to help, file a bug:

Thank you, Jan

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I would suggest trying to make the transition across the datum line in a default (take the F22 to make the test fast) aircraft. It that goes ok, then take up your problem with the provider of the third-party aircraft provider. If it doesn´t, I encourage you to provide a bug-report to Laminar Research.

To my knowledge, it should go ok in default X-Plane.