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Whenever I try and install xplane 11 which I just bought it tries to download it to my SSD (c drive) which does not have enough room and I dont see an option on the installer to change it to my HDD which has plenty of room. Please Help
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I have exact same issue , how can I install to drive d , no option is presented
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Same issue... Any more tips please

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Download and unpack X-Plane Installer from here and copy the file to your another hard drive. It should be placed in a folder with read/write permissions.
You can read more about installation of X-Plane here.

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Hi I downloaded the installer from the provided link , installed it on my drive D with r/w permissions and have same issue.  The installer provides no menu option to change drive. The menu options from top to bottom are 1. Welcome 2. Verify product 3. Check servers. 4. Scan existing files. 5. Select new scenery 6. Install. 7. Upgrade demo.   There is no option for them alternate drive install that I saw when I installed the demo in November    When I proceed to install, it places all the files on my small c: drive which is an ssd for my OS.
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If you have installed X-Plane you should move folder to another hard disk and try again run installer.
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This comment is of no use as you cannot install the application if you do not have enough room on your c drive in the first place.
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Why is no one able to sort this very VERY simple yet incredibly infuriating issue out.

Why, when the installer knows there's not enough space on the C drive does it not give you the option to install on to a different drive?

This is absolutely ridiculous
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The button circled in red is the way to change the destination folder.