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Regarding xplane 11 beta...

I can connect tablet gps using built in foreflight feature but the output from simulator is choppy and not consistent.   Gps moving map doesn't get data from sim for up to 30 seconds at times,  loses connection occasionally.  Increasing the slider for udp packets sent under data tab doesn't change it.  

Also cannot find settings to adjust traffic volumes.  How can I turn off ai traffic?

Cannot find setting to set comms through alternate sound device?  How can I hear ATIS in headset?

Landing lights on cirrus sf50 not working properly.  Were stuck on for a while, then were off and I couldn't get back on even mapping new keyboard commands.

I am new to xplane.  No flight planner?   No top down view without assigning a quick look?

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AI traffic is controlled in Flight Configuration. In the Aircraft section, there is a button near the top of the screen which opens a window where you can turn them off & on or customize them.

AFAIK we do not currently have a way to separate which sounds go to what audio devices. So I believe you will hear all sounds in whatever device you use.

We don't have a top down view set to a default assignment. We have a rear (chase) view which is shift + 6. You can see a lot of the default views under the View menu > Change (external).
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Thanks for the response.  However the big problem is my external gps not updating properly using the built in xp11 foreflight connector.  Gps does not update normally from xp11 to Avare gps module.   Lags badly,  sometimes 10-30 seconds where I get a no gps signal warning.
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I do not have a  good answer for that at this time. My trial subscription has expired so I can't check it out myself. I would not be surprised if something changed in how data is being transferred between Foreflight and X-Plane 11 though, since the networking code changed a bit between X-Plane versions. I will file a bug for further investigation.