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hi ;

I couldnt find out why Atc Window is not poping up when i press enter ! , did i change this option in somewhere i do now !!

Please help, 

my Traffic Control Window is visible but no matter i try to find from internet couldnt find a single problem with any other users maybe only me )

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Please check under all the tabs in the "net connections" screen found under the settings menu. If anything is checked in there for multiplayer or networking, it will override using the enter key to bring up the usual ATC box.
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no nothing is checked 'net connections' but something happened when i installed the xpuipc  last week ,and when i update my ip number ' because when i open xplane it was saying wrong ip number smthg, so i was reading forums and suggestion was to change/update the IP number  !! i remember i was able to see it before, Could it be the problem?
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If "xpuipc" is a plugin, then it could definitely be interfering. You can check by moving the plugins folder to the desktop and retrying X-Plane.
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I Removed last night but no success, maybe i must install it xpl again, i have question, if i copy my plugins to desktop and uninstall the xpl then after install the xpl again , if i put the plugins back to plugins folder will they work?
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Yes, that process will work.