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Somehow my xplane 11 atc has disappeared ( almost )

When i hit return i get a little green line , (just one single line with no atc )

im not sure exactly when this started but it is definitely not working

Can i repair this.

I used to just hit return and it worked

Is there a fix for corrupt files


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Go to settings > network > and either turn off multiplayer, or use the "Reset Networking Configuration" button. The enter key becomes a chat key when multiplayer is turned on.
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Thank you for the suggestion but it did not work. I reset and turned off multiplayer but I still have the chat window only when pushing return.  No atc window. How do I restore to a clean copy of xplane or should I just delete preferences?
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Definitely try restoring default preferences by moving, renaming or deleting the whole preferences folder (found in the Output folder).

Also remove any plugins (if you have them) to see if they're causing it.