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I downloaded the X-Plane 10 app on my iPhone and saw how awesome all the controls were in the jet that was free in the game. so I decided to pay 4.99 for the big 747, and the dang thing only has 4-5 controls for the inside view and.  You can't even start the plane if you select the option for it to be not running when on the first person inside view so can someone please tell me if this plane just sucks or my game is messed up on my phone!!!!

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This is all the 747 has at the moment, but we are working on getting all the planes to the same level of interactivity as the Cirrus Jet and 737. There are a lot of controls in each plane to map, so it's taking a while, but it's our next priority for the mobile app.
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Bro, it's a mobile game. Do you expect ALL THE KNOBS AND SWITCHES to work on an AIRLINER like the 744? It's incredibly complex!  At least give them credit since the game is free and prices aren't expensive. Try getting the desktop sim + SSG's 747-8 and you will have a blast.


I personally run P3D with PMDG's 747 v3 which is $135 but well worth it