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I have even used xsaitekpanels program which doesn't work. Really want to switch from FSX to X-Plane so any help would be appreciated.

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I am using the Saitek panels for radios and autopilot for x-plane 11 without any problem. But it's based on Linux, not Windows. I tested  the performance for x-plane 11 with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS  and the result is much better for Linux. Also I have no short freezings with Linux.
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I believe the latest beta of X-Plane has better support for device without any axes. Using any third party software to interface between the device and X-Plane can have unexpected consequences and we don't recommend it. Otherwise,  you'll need to be more specific about what actual issue you're having.
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Thanks. I need to know how to connect my saitek panels, switch, radio and multi panels and what software should I be using
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I'm still not sure what the exact issue is. Plug in all of your USB devices then go to settings > joystick to configure them. Use the drop downs to change between devices and views to set all axes & buttons. Knowledge Base article & images here. Full X-Plane 11 manual here.

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Thanks for your response. It's not my controls that have an axis that's the issue. So not the yoke, pedals or throttle quadrants. It is the saitek panels that controls the autopilot, gear up and down and the radios that I'm having connectivity issues with. Any help would be appreciated.