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I am having trouble with the graphics in the game. I have installed all global scenery. However, every time I load Ted Stevens Anchorage International it tells me there are missing scenery graphics and gives me an option to install them. I have selected this option several times, and it always says that it is downloading the files, but it will not install them. I have run the installer several times to get the graphics but it never finds anything on the installer. I have also tried the upload beta updates and still nothing. Really would like to get this fixed, as it's my favorite place to fly around.

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Since this is still a Beta version, Laminar has not released all global scenery packages.  There has been a lot of discussion about this on numerous websites.  Word is that for the final release version they will have all the northern latitudes and other missing areas available.  Please be patient, and enjoy what has already been released.  Matt