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I recently downloaded xplane 11 beta. And I am really liking it but.....I have graphics issue, this is what I am running it on

  • Processor - Intel Core I5-7600 4.1GHz (Quad Core)
  • Memory - 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 2133Mhz
  • Primary Hard Drive - 256GB
  • Graphics Card - Geforce GTX 1070 8GB (Min. 500 Watt Power Supply)

When I'm flying the sim (depending on the graphics settings) I'm getting around 45 to 50 fps. So here is my issue:

First.    When I'm flying the sim and look around in the 3D cockpit, pieces of the aircraft will momentarily get out of line and look distorted.

Second,      When I'm flying every so often the plane will glitch or stop momentarily. Also I noticed  that the higher the frame rate the worse my problem is.

                     thanks for all the help


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I have a problem similar, that the sim stops for quite a few seconds, even near a minute sometimes. It seems to happen when there is a lot of activity on the hard drive. I have a SSD drive that X-Plane 11 and my /home/username (linux) is on, but the swap partition (for windows swap file) is on a SATA disc drive. I hibernate the computer partway through a flight then resume the next day. This seems to leave a lot of X-Planes open files on the swap partition, that don't get transfered to the RAM memory, even though there is plenty of space left. Or maybe the interuptions are caused by transfer of large amounts of data from the swap partition to the RAM. I know that is the case soon after resuming because it is more often and longer but gets less after time.

Is this anyway related to your aircraft or sim stopping? Maybe not because of resuming from hibernate but could be other applications open in the background taking up a lot of RAM, therefore your computer needing to use swap file or partition. If it is windows it could be a combination of malware continuously hogging resources as it always does, and a fragmented hard drive.

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