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I need a little help, I am running xplane 11 up to date, when I adjust the rendering in graphics Visual effects from where I have it at medium to HD max , that is the slider to the right and go back into cockpit , I am getting a array of lines running sideways across the screen. I have tried it on the monitor and on VR HTC Vive and it isthe same. When I return to settings Graphic visual Effects and bring the slider back to medium it is ok again, but I don't have interior lights on the aircraft, I have tried it also on a number of different aircraft but still the same.

I was wandering is there a setting or something I am doing wrong, I am getting around 45 to 55 FPS, my system is I7-7700 @420GHZ  RAM 16GB Win 10 Nvidia GE Force GTX1080ti

Can some one give any advice


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Hi MidwayT,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

To get the frame rates quoted using VR you are lucky.

Firstly, no matter what Windows advises, you need to ensure your drivers, especially the Graphics card, are up to date.  There was a recent case in this forum when a flight simmer was attempting to use Planemaker (supplied with X-Plane) over the last two years.  The problem was finally solved when he updated his GPU drivers despite Windows advising saying "everything was up to date".

Secondly, you have indicated you have updated X-Plane.  Was it XP11.40?  If it was then you have updated with the current Beta version.  It is still in the testing phase and has not been officially released.  It should only be used by experienced X-Plane flight simmers.

You need to have a look at the following links created by Austin Meyer.

If you have downloaded the Beta version then I would suggest you contact Austin Meyer direct to assist in solving your current predicament.  His contact details are provided several times in the videos.

Good luck.