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Using X Plane 10.51 on brand new latest generation Intel Core i7 7500U laptop with 2GB dedicated AMD Radeon R7 M440 mobile chipset X Plane will only render via the inbuilt Intel HD chipset and not the AMD GPU.

How do i render X Plane via the AMD Radeon R7 M440.

Will there be an update to support this chipset or does X Plane 11 support it?


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I suspect this is an OS configuration issue. There is no way to pick between GPUs in X-Plane, and it should be able to use any GPU that is as new or newer than what our system specs list.
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I have the same problem at a Graphic card Radeon HD7700m, I already update all drivers, but Xplane continues using the Intel HD4000...

What should I do?
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You may be able to right click on the X-Plane.exe and change the settings or pick the other graphics card. I only have one card so I cannot give you the exact steps. An online search for your problem might give more specific steps.