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Dear DEVs. I hope you'll read this and will take some actions to fix this. 

I have Extremely low fps on MINIMAL settings.
By the way, i have both good PC and also good performance in X-Plane 10. (I'm flying nearly ultra settings).
I have:
GTX 970 4 GB 

Intel Core i5 4560 3.5 GHZ
RAM - 8 GB and HDD - 1000 GB

I've loaded in KSEA and there was firstly 15, then 2 fps. 

I've tried to choose different graphics settings but nothing happen. 

So meantime i wanna know the reason of this low-FPS and when can you fix this.

Thanks in advance. Still your,
X-Plane lower ;)


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see my response below

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I am getting 40 to 60 FPS with a similar system to yours with 16gb ram flying all kinds of conditions with x-plane 11 beta 1.  Windows 10.  I wish I could give you an answer as to why your system is producing such a low frame rate.  Submit a bug report with a log.txt file is all I can suggest.

Love this new version 11!
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here it is, i hope you'll help me

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There's another (earlier) thread on this same subject...
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Please go ahead and submit a bug report if you haven't already, so LR can keep track of the systems that are having unexpected performance issues. Since this is the very first beta build, we definitely need to do some performance tuning still.

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Okay, i'll do it now, thanks.
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Try to monitor VRAM usage in GPU-Z I have seen 4.7GB VRAM (NOT RAM, VideoRAM) used in my X-Plane 11 Demo in KSEA and you know 970 only has 3.5 REAL GB + 0.5 FAKE GB of VRAM, right? So when X-Plane 11 hits that 0.5 FAKE GB of VRAM you get slowdown.

My benchmark is X-Plane 11 Demo has 30-40 FPS in KSEA on Cirrus Jet where X-Plane 10 in same place same plane same config 80-90 FPS. That's not fun.
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And what i need to do?
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I think 8GB is just too low for XP11. If you can I suggest to get up to at least 16GB DDR4 ram. Invest in a good and fast SSD. The sim is very heavy on CPU. Slow HDD may slow the CPU down: HDD to CPU to GPU, back and forth...HDD is a mechanical thing it slows it down, does not help frames. Your CPU has to wait for HDD. In turn GPU is waiting for CPU and so on, this is very low level kind of process description. Here are my specs: i5820k processor overclocked to 4GHZ (stable), 32GB DDR4 RAM, Nvidia GTX970, X99S SLI Plus motherboard, Samsung 950 PRO M.2 x4 SSD (exclusively for XP11). Not the highest specs by any means but I still got 40 to 55 smooth frames with very high settings in XP11 this afternoon.
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Okay, you're right. Meantime 8 GB of RAM is not enough for 2K16 games. Yep, it's true that HDD is worser than SSD. But. I don't have money to buy both another 8 GB RAM and at least 240 GB SSD. (And i don't think they'll help me cause i have normal performance in X-Plane 10).
commented by (14 points) you have DDR3 or 4 some good RAM not the cheapest one

3. 4GB Ram more should work

4. a 128 ssd only costs about 40€

5. i have the same problem

CPU: Intel 6600K

GPU:1060 Asus STRIX 6 gb OC

RAM: 16GB Balistic sports
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Well, what I just don't understand:

X-Plane 11 in Beta-mode with the following specs:

  • i7 6700K @4,00 GHz
  • RX480 with 8GB VRAM (equivalent to a 970; just far more VRAM)
  • RAM G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200Mhz (DDR4)
  • SSD (SanDisk Ultra II) with 240GB

You see, quite powerful system.

But if I turn "Show FPS" under Settings>Data Output on, it shows a current FPS-count of under 20. I'm running X-Plane with HDR-settings, maximum texture quality (still far away from the 8GB limit of my video card; ~4GB used) and medium reflection details.


Unfortunately, reducing those settings to medium didn't help... Guess that's a problem of the beta and hope they fix it!