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This is the second time I've asked this question. I've made tons of successfully flying aircraft in this simulator, but I've run into the same problem. Everytime I'm not holding the yoke of my controller (fully functioning) all the way back, the elevators will pop into the direction of momentum (If I take off, letting go will shove the elevators downward as if the wind was affecting them, ensuring a stall and flame-out). This only happens to one fighter in my collection. I've changed the flight models per frame, and the problem lies in the aircraft's setting themselves. It's not the simulator OR the hardware, but the way I put the aircraft together. Could someone please help? Thanks.
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I have a similar issue with the x-55 - the leading edge is acting like elevator - you push forward on the stick (yoke) and the leading edge flaps extend fully, pull back on the stick, they retract - something is wrong with the 737 and x-55 stick. Major bugs with all the stock heavy metal.

Also, the 737 performance is no accurate, takes almost 10,000 feet of runway to take off, then the aircraft only climbs at 200/ft/min? Please fix these jets, they are not airworthy.

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For detailed custom development troubleshooting, you may have better luck asking in the forums. I don't have the experience with Plane Maker to help on advanced topics like this, and more developers visit those other forums.