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I just purchased a Saitek Pro Flight yoke, pedals and 3 quadrant modules and I am curious if anyone has figured out if they will work with X-Plane 11 or do they only work with X-Plane 10.   Is there an available upgrade or plugin that works that people have tried?

I want to figure this out before I purchase X-Plane so that I get the right version.  Obviously I want 11 but if the controls only with 10, then I guess that is that.  

Appreciate any assistance you can offer.
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I have the same equipment and I can't get the throttle/ prop/mixture to work, very [ jittery]

in/out rapidly, no control on any of the flight school scenarios one throttle prop mix with the Barron, have repeatedly asked for assistance " read the manual' oK  I read the manual

still no joy, very frustrating, controls worked fine with the demo, if it's a bug please fix it or at

least let the folks know. any assistance would be much appreciated. Ed. Windows 7
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Hi sortland,

The advice I have been given by Michael Brown from XforcePC is to download the latest drivers from Saitek (Logitec) and install rather than use the drivers supplied with the individual Saitek item.  The Saitek site can be found at

Michael has also produced a number of informative Youtube videos whereby he not only uses Saitek products but he is using them with X-Plane 11.  The company, XforcePC, is the recommended PC supplier in the USA by Laminar Research (X-Plane developer).  The Youtube link can be found at

The short answer from me is that Saitek products work with X_plane 11.

Hope this helps.


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Saitek controllers are among the most sold game controllers for flight simulation, so of course Laminar Research will keep supporting these products with X-plane 11.
I have a Saitek X-55 + pedals and it works perfectly well on X-Plane 11.
If ever you encounter troubles using your yoke, pedals and quadrants, the bug will be fixed quickly.
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I cannot get the system to recognize the rudder pedals or throttle.  I tried the instructions in the manual but the "box" does not appear when it reads to "close" the window.  There is no close.  Tried all of the options none worked.  I wanted to buy the real version as I am using the free partial product.  I don't want to invest in the program if I cannot get my Saitek items to work.

Please advise.
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I have the Pro Flight rudder pedals, Flight Yoke and Throttle quadrant. They all work well with X-Plane 11 on Windows 10. The radio panel and switch panel seem to work, as well. but I seem to have problems getting the Flight Information panels to work after quite an expenditure. For the rudders, yoke and throttle quad, you need to install the drivers for each device, which are available on Saitek's website. I've had to install and replace the drivers, but they do work.  One thing that I was concerned about was the drift and need to apply a considerable amount of right rudder when throttling up the engines. As I have found in other forums, this is a normal thing and does simulate actual conditions, so if you haven't actually flown before, don't worry that your rudder pedals aren't behaving properly.