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I want to end the current flight and setup a new flight without quitting the application completely. How do I do this?

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From dropdown menu select File > Main Menu
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No, this takes me to a menu which only has options Resume, Configuration, Save, Load, Flight School. I can't for the life of me work out how to start a new flight without quitting the game.

Clearly the person who originally posted this question didn't either.
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From dropdown menu select File > Main Menu. Then select Flight Configuration and you can change plane, location, etc. After that you can select Start New Flight button.
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This works perfectly.

This is also amazingly complex for an extremely common function. I've been using the simulator for exactly 10 minutes and this feature (i.e. wanting to practice more takeoffs) was far from obvious. To clarify how to do this specifically (I.e. not change anything about the flight other than to start it all over) you just need to 'change location' to the airport you just flew out of and it will put you back on the ground.

Again @scruffybaton. And @x-plane...#facepalm

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