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Okay, so I've been checking alot but I still don't understand .. ( please be aware that I'm completely new to aircraft simulation and X-plane 11 happens to be the very first one I've used in my life )

So I've tried flying the Cirrus Vision aswell as the Colombie 400 but the G1000's barely work or have buttons that work, sometimes it'd crash my game.

Am i supposed to wait for it till its updated since X-plane is being worked on or am i supposed to download some kind of extension to use them?


Thanks in advance, i really appreciate your time.

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Welcome to XP11.  First of all, I DO NOT work for Laminar ( the developers of X-Plane),  but it is my understanding that the G1000's are not 100% functional.  You are not the first one to comment on this observation, and I'm sure that Laminar is aware of it.  Are they going to make the G1000's completely functional?  Who knows!  But I would assume that they will at least make improvements in them for the final release (non-Beta) of X-Plane 11.

Is there a work-around that can be downloaded to make them functional at this point in time?  Not that I am aware of; si I just let those planes sit in the hangar and fly the other great planes they have produced and released so far for XP11.