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MAC Sierra 10.12.3

Had x-plane 11 installed.  today upgraded to pb12.  After upgrade plugins for g1000 and others no longer worked , plugin menu screens would not close and just stayed on the screen.  clicking on nav systems enlarged them but no controls worked for changing frequencies menus or anything else.

Decided to just uninstall and reinstall from download.  Now when I download the app I dont get option to install, it goes right to the product verification with my key showing, then check servers, then only get option to update scenery files.   I let the install run and I all i had at the end was the global scenery directory and nothing else.

I can re-install X-plane 10 but not X-plane 11     I have searched my drive for any residual log files and found several that I removed but I cannot find where it is getting the key from and what is flagging it as already installed.

If anyone can tell me how to get past this it would be appreciated.
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Note, this is after wiping all traces that i could find of both version from my drives and starting with freshly downloaded installer app

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Try uploading a copy of the installer log.txt. If you have deleted X-Plane, you should be able to install a new copy like usual. If you are using iCloud backup of your desktop, it could be saving the install more than one place.