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Hi this is Nirbhay i just bought xplane 11 and i love it. I see your team has worked extremely hard on the new fs features and planes.
But i have a problem. The problem is that
I am a student of 8 standard so everyday i get only 30 minutes to play And i cannot do a flight on that much time. I hope you please add a feature to it so i can save a flight and continue it or load it later. If there is already a feature like it please let me know else i would like to have this feature. Thanks in advance for the help.
Also sometimes the plane turns out itself.
One more bug. The boring 737 gives different frame rates for all different models. The klm model gives the best frame rate.

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"Also sometimes the plane turns out itself" Do you mean the plane turns its engines or power off or both? The FPS with the 737 would depend on the definition of the livery. As long as the FPS stay within acceptable range it should not matter. If they don't then just use lower definition liveries.

Yes that would be nice if Laminar could fully save a situation. Whenever I have tried it the aircraft is back at cold and dark. The way I get round this is to pause the sim then hibernate the computer. If your computer can hibernate/resume without any problems, use that.