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Where can I assign these buttons in the setup? There is nothing that matches. There is only 1 avionics, and there is no alternator and no parking brake.


Also with the Saitek Proflight Radio panel ever be supported? 



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I use the Proflight radio panel with their built in plugin, and it works.  Though sometimes the LCD's don't fire up, and i have to restart xplane to get them to initialize.  Once initialized though, it seems to work consistently.
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How? I just bought a radio panel (like it just arrived with the last hour) and I can't get it to work - the "plugin for x-plane" wants me to update to .NET 3.5 or greater but I believe that I am beyond that (brand new win 10 64 bit) - the LEDs flashed just once (don't know what caused it) and I have not been able to get any further... and now I have to go back to work!

Any suggestions would be appreciated - I did look in log.txt but didn't see anything referencing this panel (no surprise, I could never get the plugin!)
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Yeah, it's a little funky but that version of .NET it needs isn't included in Windows 10, so you have to install it still even though you have newer installed. (they install side by side)

Once its all installed, you should be albe to load up the "Saitek Radio Panel Test Page" app that comes with the driver and it should light up your led's with random flashing showing that it works.  If you turn the knobs, you should also see it confirms the knobs working in the test app.  If that doesn't work, you may not be getting enough power to your panel (i heard of people having problems when plugging into their yoke, hub, etc) so try plugging it directly into USB port on the PC.

Note: if you're not running the test app, or xplane, the led's on the panel won't light up, even though the panel is plugged in.  The plugin needs to initialize at the startup of xplane, or via the test app for the led's to light up.
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Thanks - I was in a bit of a hurry and was worried that the device was DOA. I loaded xsaitekpanels and everything is well with the world (I haven't exhaustively tested it, but at least it SEEMS to be working!)

Thanks for your help!

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alt = generator

bus2 = cross tie toggle