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I am running the proflight yolk and throttle on my mac and they work fine.  I got the instrument panel and multi panel and they do not work

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Hi Brett,

Can you upload a copy of your log.txt (found in the main X-Plane folder after every launch of X-Plane)? How long have you had the panels? Did they just stop working or have they never worked?
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I just got the panels and they have never worked.

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Hi Brett,

I looked at your log and I was somewhat surprised to see you are running Yosemite, not El Capitan, actually. We have a lot of reports of flight hardware issues with El Capitan.

Our developers are aware that the latest OS update broke Saitek wireless joysticks and are looking into the issue. I sent them this info as well in case it's related.

If you haven't tried it already, you can start X-Plane with the hardware plugged in already, and try unplugging and re-plugging it in to see if that changes anything. Let me know if it does.
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I gave it a shot.  Still no issues with joystick and throttle quadrant, but the instrument panel and switch panel do not work

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