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I can generate a flight plan and load it into the "output FMS files" folder.

I can see the FP in the FMS list of Co Flights and select it so that the plan shows in the FMS and on the PFD?

There doesn't seem to be a selection for NAV / GPS so I select LNAV

When I take off and fly a heading to intercept the flight plan the aircraft flies around in circles.

How do I get it to follow the FP?

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There is a FMS instruction file in your Instructions file or go to this website.  Both are about the same.
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Thanks Mattrauch, this is a good tutorial on programming the FMS, but my problem is with which options should be set in the autopilot once a flightplan has been opened in the FMS so that the aircraft will actually follow the plan.  My plane just goes around in circles as if "hunting" for the Flightplan.

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The best place to get help with a question like this would be in a discussion group, not here.  I recommend
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Why don't you just answer the guy's question?