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I use X-Plane to fly approaches, and one of the frustrating things I have found, (with v10 too) is that no matter how crappy I make visibility and the weather, it does not obstruct the view of runway lights until you get close to minimums. I set conditions to CAT 1 in v11, and I could see the airport lighting the whole time until I got quite low on the glideslope, then the RVR finally kicked in and obstructed my view. It seems lame that the lights from the airport poke through any cloud cover you throw at the environment, when you are aloft. Is there a way you could work on fixing visibility issues while looking down from the air, instead of just dealing with RVR? If you need further clarification I can take screenshots.

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This is a known rendering bug. We're hoping to have it fixed for 11.00 final, but it may have to get pushed to a future update.