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Hello, I know this was an issue during Public Beta and there was a conversation to have it fixed during Release or soon after release.

I am using the 11.20 Beta release and I noticed that yesterday's weather at CYYZ was LIFR with RWY05 being RVR between 3000 and 5000 ft and VV of 200 ft.

When I started the flight and night time, I could see the entire airport environment. I re-installed 11.10 (stable version) as well and noticed the same issue.

I thought this was fixed already, but wanted to confirm if that is true and I'm missing something OR if it is still an open issue, do you have a timeline to fix this issue.  Really not a fun experience at late Evening and Night Flights to truly challenge oneself.
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Hi, can you confirm this is a default install? Can you include your log.txt and can you upload a screenshot?
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It is 11.11

Here are the screenshots

Weather Conditions: RVR:3000 and Ceiling 200ft. You will see how at night, you can see the end of the runway pretty much.

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Similar weather now with a different viewpoint.

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Are you saying that you think the lights at half distance should be more dim?

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At night, details pop out of the fog in a more efficient way than during the day, thanks to the lights.

Here, the horizontal visibility is 3000m, vertical visibility 200ft.

If the screenshots are still taken at CYYZ on runway 05, it is normal to see almost the end of the runway, which has a length of 3390 meters, or 11120 feet.

I think the visual effect is really well rendered.
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RVR is 3000ft. not metres so that is 1/3rd the runway.

I shouldn't be able to see the end of the runway even if the light can shine through better right? I'm going to give it a try again in some other conditions...
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Can you send a screenshot of the weather settings? Showing the visibility used for the screenshots?

In METARS, RVR is definitely in meters, that's all I can tell so far.
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Sorry was traveling. This is what it looked like. But I've been playing with it some more... I'm not sure if it was because of real weather or not? The next day, I tried doing the setup manually and it looked fine... so I'll keep looking for another LIFR day and see what happens.

Thanks for the help.