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Dear Support Team,

we are professional users of a fixed based simulator running a total of 6 xplane professional licenses, currently on 10.45. We somehow managed to accidently update the control pad app to 1.06, with the result of the system being nearly totally uncontrollable now. Obviously, version 1.06 of the control pad app is not backwards compatible with xplane 10.45. As we run a very special custom made helicopter flight model, we are unable to update xplane on all the 6 systems in order to make Control Pad work again. Our best solution would be to downgrade Control Pad to make our system work again. Is there any way to order or download or if necessary buy the pre 1.06 version of Control Pad?

Kind regards

Walter Weyers
YOURcockpit Flight Simulations GmbH
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You can get the free version of app from Vshare app store.

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Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to give you an old version of Control Pad app. If you have a back up of your device that runs Control Pad you might be able to restore that to go back to the old version. Otherwise you will need to update X-Plane to 10.50 to continue to use Control Pad with it.
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This answer is absolutely disappointing for a customer who paid several thousand Euros for your software. Of course are you able to provide a download link for the previous version of this app! Every software company can do this. You just don't want to!

With this app not being backward compatible to the previous XPlane version, with the version number only differing behind the decimal point, you effectively took our commercial simulator out of business!

If this is the way you treat your professional customers, this will be our last simulator system we will build on XPlane.
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Hi Walter,

Sorry it took me a few days to respond again. We were looking into additional options to see if we could make this work.

Unfortunately the answer is still that it's not possible to go back to an old version of Control Pad without having made a back up. This is largely a limitation in how the Apple App store functions. We simply are not allowed to distribute an old version of an existing app through the store. If we tried to send you a beta build of the old Control Pad app, it would quit working again after a few weeks because the permissions would expire and you would be in the same spot.

We believe the only viable solution is to update to 10.51 which will work with the current version of Control Pad. This will likely be the final X-Plane 10 release and you should not run into this problem again with X-Plane 10.