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i cant use push back on big airports and in the last update they cancelld the possability to do power pushback

what do i need to do???????
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Yes that is what I see as well. This is a bug I think. Has anyone or gmorag reported it? I looked in my log.txt and there doesn't seem to be any reference to pushback or reverse thrust failing.  I can see the engines openning for reverse thrust but nothing happens when the parking brake is released. The assigned joystick key or "Ground services request" may not even be registering in IO or input output, if thats how the software terms go but if the engines open at least for reverse then something must be registering. I wonder if reverse thrust is only failing at park position or is it also failing on landing?

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Pushback service is only available at airports that have been updated to use X-Plane 11 features. There is a limit to how far away your aircraft can be from the push cart as well. Please try using updated LR airports such as KSEA or KATL.
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I just did a little experiment. Put the stock 737 800 at EHAM (which does have gate push back by the way) on runway 18. Reverse thrust does not seem to be working in pb13 anymore. The airplane does not move, but shakes a bit from side to side. Looks like a side effect from fixing the low idle N1% in pb12. Brakes better be working on my next landing :)