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When I upload scenery tiles into X-Plane 10, I works and it shows up. It works good on small islands, but on large areas of land..... not so much. Each tile is a different color and is all split up. Here are some pictures below=

How can I fix this? thank you!

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have you looked at the youtube videos on how to use it?

sorry, I can't help you, just beginning to look at the program
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I think I found out the problem. I just used USA_2 as the base map and it worked great!
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I would revisit this area and re-create the tile.
Try a different source for the image. If you used Google try Bing and accept one with the least cloud cover.
The images appear "medium" quality so if hard drive space is available go for ZL17 and ZL19 in the vicinity of airfields.
Your second image suggests you have not downloaded the entire World SCenery from within the installer. Simply run it from the X-Plane11 root directory and select any missing areas to complete the installation
Ths video is informative.

Hope this helps