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This happened ever since i downloaded a tenerife scenery so i deleted the scenery and I still have the same problem. It has been like this for about a week now and wondering if you could help me fix this problem. thanks.
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Hi, can you include your log.txt?

Can you try renaming ‪X-Plane 10\Resources\settings.txt into ‪X-Plane 10\Resources\settings.bck, launch X-plane and see what happens?
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ok I will try this and see what happens. thanks.
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ok i have done this and now it says the file is corrupt and underneath says
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OK, don't forget to rename settings.txt as it was before. The problem is somewhere else.

Can you upload here your log.txt (after having tried to launch X-plane with the correct settings.txt file)? It is located at the root of X-plane.
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Hi, and sorry for wasting time but I have fixed the problem now and thanks for your help anyway.
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Right. Could you describe how you fixed it? It might interesting for other users.

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You should not edit this file, delete it, or modify it in any way or X-Plane may stop working. If you do accidentally touch this file, simply re-run the updater to get a new clean file.

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