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After previous help I have managed to get my Antares 20E in x-plane 11 as a glider. From the aircraft selection window it's name is fine but it is shown as a dimmed Cessna with a big question mark over the graphic.

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I made a video of how to do this and posted it on you-tube.  It should help you.
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Greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.
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I get the following error when I try to watch the video.

The video has been removed by the user.

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When you have the plane actually opened and on the ground in X-plane, click DEVELOPER (top left menu), then REGENERATE ICONS.  It may take a minute or 2 to reload.  Let me know.
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I just tried this for a Chipmunk I just down loaded. Worked fine in just a matter of seconds.

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Thank you for the assistance.