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I am running the latest upgrade of Xplane 11 as of March 29 and I am using the stock Cessna 172 Skyhawk with no modifications.  I have both a garman 430 and garmin 530 GPS in the panel with no comm radios.  Very odd.  I tried deleting the folder and re-updating but the panel still has two gps, no radios.  Is this something I could go into planemaker and fix myself?  (I have never used planemaker and don't know its capabilities with the aircraft included with xplane)

Thank you

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I am running XP11 RC1, released today.  The attached screenshot shows BOTH comm radios.  If they do not show up on your plane, you might want to run the installer again.  Let us know, please.


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Hi, Thanks for the quick reply!  Yes, that is what I am seeing....but is that not two GPS's...a garmin 430 and a garmin 530?  Seems like there should just be one or the other, not both?
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Some planes have one, some both, some none!  Laminar selected this lay-out so that BOTH can serve different functions at the same time.  Just play with them for a while, I think you will be happy!  P.S....  Use the top one to tune your Comm1 frequencies.
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I believe the 430 & 530 are GPS & COMM/NAV combined.