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I just bought X-Plane 11 on Steam. I keep trying to play it, but it keeps asking me to insert DVD or enter a product key. Since I bought it through Steam, I don't have any of these. What should I do? It might also be worth mentioning that I am running Ubuntu 16.04.
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Same issue here... i'm stuck with demo-mode. The CD-key / product key is not provided through Steam (unlike other games).

I'm also running on Linux. Any help would be appreciated...
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I'm going to try running the Steam version of X-Plane 11 on my Windows 10 VM. There could be a Linux issue preventing whatever activation process X-Plane uses to check Steam activation.
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Same here. Linux. Stuck in Demo mode with full Steam purchase.
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I can confirm that the Steam version of X-Plane 11 does work fine on Windows. So it is definitely a Linux problem. Hopefully, a fix is found for Linux, because I f#$%ing hate Windows.

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restart steam client to force update. Should be fixed now.
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Yep, it's working now. Thank you.