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As the title goes, I'm still not seeing the moon since PB 16.  I've tried moving all the sliders from left to right and back, also tried with clear skies and disabled weather add-on, but no dice.  I do see the moon light reflection on the fuse and sun and stars are present.  Another issue I need help with is with lighting, I've got no cockpit lighting (dome) on all aircrafts (default and add-ons).  For the external lights (Landing, taxiing, wings and tail) does not reflect on the ground/fuse.  I see them ON but no lighting effect on the ground/fuse.

Am I missing something?  Do I need to re-download and re-install?  Attached is my log.  Please help!  

imageDownload file

EDIT:  figured out the problem... problem resolved by increasing visibility for moon to appear... lights were solved by stopping lua script... :(

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