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Through the official XP11 release this week, I have observed no improvement with the issue (previously reported) in terms of not being able to use any cockpit controls from secondary PC's.  My config is a 3 PC config, with 2 Windows PC's controlling the center and side windows, and a MacBook Pro w/ BizonBox3 on the cockpit.  Only the master PC can change any controls (nav/com/etc.), but the other PC's still cannot change controls.

I'm flying the Cirrus Jet primarily.  Can others replicate/confirm this?  I filed a bug but obtained no feedback to that filing.

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Yes, that appears to be an issue with the networking code. Bug has been filed and will hopefully get fixed in a later update.
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I heard back from a developer on this: this is not expected functionality and will probably never be included. External visuals are simply that---extra views. They are strict slaves of the master machine, they don't have "rights to write" back information to the master machine.