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I have seen this question asked, but can't seem to find answers.  I'm following the instructions for connecting x-plane and fore flight, but the iPad keeps showing the window:  No supported devices connected.  In xplane I add the iPad's ip address and change the port to 49002.  I've also tried 'Broadcast to all copies of Foreflight, WingX Pro, Aerovie, and SkyDemon on the network" but have no success there either.  I've confirmed that the iPad and desktop are on the same network.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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I do not have a subscription to Foreflight and my demo has expired so I can't test it myself. What seems to work for the Control Pad app is starting the networking on X-Plane first, then launching the app. Or if the app is already running, close it entirely and restart it so it searches for the connection again.