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   I’m new to X-Plane 11 and I’m having issues Saving a Default Configuration for my Saitek X-52 Pro throttle and joystick. I’m able to configure them perfectly and it’s works perfectly in flight. However, every time I close the program and reopen it, I have to reconfigure everything again.

   I noticed in the X-Plane 11 Desktop Manual figure 4.2 (Joystick configuration screen, after completing calibration), there is something in the image that is not on my screen. The “Save as Default for…” button is not on my screen for the Saitek X-52. The “Reset to Defaults” on the left is present though.

    Also, after installing, I was given the prompt “ X-Plane is missing a required resource: dg_checkbox.png.     Please report this to technical support.

Would this happen to be related?

    I removed the program and reinstalled it today. Same outcome. Works perfectly. Just not able to Save as Default.

                Thanks in advance!


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HI Nathan, 

We strongly advise against overwriting the default configuration file with your changes. Because this is a file that ships with X-Plane, it will want to overwrite it every time you update the sim. Use the "reset to defaults" button to go back to the default setup, then make the changes you want. X-Plane will save these as Preferences which will not be overwritten.

ETA: IF you're missing a resource, run the installer and pick the "update" option first to replace it.

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I have the same problem with joystick button assignment.

When I load xplane and immediately re-define the joystick buttons in the settings, the button assignment remains after a restart of xplane. But if I start after the button definition a flight and load an aircraft, the buttons are reset to the standard assignment. It does not matter which aircraft I use.

I think this is a program error or is there already a solution? I have also so far no xplane files changed.

Greeting Swen
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I have never experienced this, but if you can give me step by step instructions on exactly how you see this, I can try to reproduce it. Please be as specific as possible, starting with what joystick you are using and at what point you plug it in, start X-Plane, every button you press, etc.
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Hello jroberts,

many thanks for your response. I will prepare it next week and send it to you.

Greeting Swen

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Hello jroberts,

It did not leave me any peace and I finished it right away. Hopefully you can start something with it. It always happens no matter what plane I use.

Beautiful weekend greeting Swen

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Hi Swen,

Thank you for the very detailed steps. I have a copy of this joystick, so I was able to try this out on both a Mac & Windows computer. I was not able to reproduce this behavior though. I do not have the aircraft you used--could it be altering any settings? Or do you have any plugins installed?
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Hi jroberts,

many thanks for the effort and the time you have invested in my problem.

The last night was quite long. I have done a complete reinstallation of xp11. With the clean installation the problem was once gone.
I have then installed each individual addon I use so far. I have tested every single one and I can now say the winner is "xassign"!

Then I removed "xassign" from my previous xplane installation and everything is back in order!

So again thank you to you.

Best greetings from germany