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I purchased XP11 few months ago and from the begining I had problems with continuous crashes of program. I have problems with fps and i don´t know if that can crash the program.
My computer have the following specs:

AMD FX-8320 3500 AM3+ à Micro, 8 cores.

D316GB 1600-999 Vengeance à MEMORy , 16GB

GiBy2GB D5 X R7 370 OC WF2à Graphic card (Equivalent to HD7900)

GiBy GA-970A-UD3P à Motherboard

HyperX 240GB 530/560 Savage SA3 à Disc SSD

Windows 10 HOME 64BITS

Can I have problems with this hardware to manage XP11?

Kind support will be highly appreciated.

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Some install locations can cause problems, such as in Program Files or in the C: drive root. Make sure X-Plane is installed to the desktop or a separate hard drive if available.

Remove any plugins or addons and see if it helps.

Make sure you send the automatic crash reports if the box comes up so we can track patterns. Upload a log.txt from after a crash for further help.
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Thanks jroberts so much for your help.

I have the xplane folder at desktop.

I have removed all third parties addons and plugins and only today i have no crashes but on night. I don´t know why, the program not crash but stop working and a window says that program stops of working and Windows will see for a fix.

Find here the last log.txt I have because today as said the program do not crash.


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The log shows you're using a third party aircraft. If you remove those or just use default aircraft, do you still crash?
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Yes, the log was when i had third party addons. I have done that you indicated and yesterday run the XP without this, only original XP. It was the firt time I do not have crashes (in the past with original XP i had frequent crashes, so was surprising). Nevertheless, when i apply night time for flight, just in airport doing an external view of airplane and a walk around, XP stops and a window indicates that xplane.exe stops of working . Is a windows crash and no log is generated.
So two questions,
1. Why xplane.exe stops?
2. I never will have the chance of add thirs party addons?

Is necessary change some part of my hardware?

Guy, your help is very appreciated!!
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At this point we've tried the usual troubleshooting, so I don't know why it's still crashing. You can try turning down rendering settings to make sure you're not getting overloaded on either the CPU or GPU. Here are some instructions for tuning rendering settings.

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Many thanks for your help. I have reduced resolution and textures and there are no crashes. I think will be Ram or Graphic card.

Will study a Computer ampliation.