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my XP11 crashes in France at the airport LFPG (and some other airports in France around Paris). First I thought, that it is ortho4xp the crashes XP11, but the I went to Dijon (LFSD) airport and XP11 did not crash.

I will also post the Log.txt.

Thank you for help


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The log shows you have quite a few add ons installed. Try removing them to see if that helps. The last few lines in the log before the crash were for SASL info on the Boeing 757 so it could have been a factor. 

If you can find exact steps that cause it to happen every time, with no add ons (or perhaps only one) or third party aircraft, file a bug here and we can look into it.

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Thank you for your answere.

I have removed all sceneries, which are not part of  default XP11 and it seems to stay stable.

So no crash anymore, but now I have to figure out which scenery it was.

Any ideas how do I can speed up this?
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Divide and conquer: remove about half the packs and see if it happens. If not, swap them and try again. Once it happens, keep taking away half of what remains until you can narrow it down.

It's also possible it's a combination of add ons.