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I've downloaded the digital version of XP11 with full world scenery recently.

But since my Internet condition is very poor, the download process had been interrupted several times, with "Unable to connect to server" shown on the installer screen.

After the download completed, the total size of the downloaded files is 58.2GB. But I've noticed that the expected download size with full world scenery selected should be around 74GB, as read from the scenery selection page BEFORE the installation.

I've tried to re-download the files by the Updater but it says the installation is complete and there is nothing to download.

Is it possible that some of the downloaded files are corrupted and the updater fails to check them up? If so, what can I do to re-download the corrupted files without having to re-download the full installation again?

Sorry for my poor English and thanks a lot for your help!


I checked the initial installer log again and the installer actually expected only 59.9 GB for the installation. So there should be no problem with the installer and the installed files at all.

I'm terribly sorry for my mistake.

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I would suggest to run your sim.
If everything works, it is probably some scenery elements missing.
You should choose the option "update scenery online" or "add/remove scenes".

Hope this will work.
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Thanks for the reply!

I've run the sim for several hours and it seems OK.

I've also tried the "update scenery online" and "add/remove scenes" options. With both options the installed scanned the installed files and reported that either the XP11 copy is already up to date, or the scenery is completely installed and there is nothing needed to download. See the two screenshots below.

If the file size is incorrect, I'm afraid that the installer might check the files' names only, rather than check their integrity. In this case both options can't solve the problem.

Is there any other solution to fix the problem? Thanks again for your help!

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Yes.. you must be right. Maybe the best option for now is to keep this installation incident in mind, and if ever you find an error in your log.txt or encounter a sim crash somewhere in the world, try to identify the guilty corrupted files and delete them before running the installer again.

Or if ever you prefer to be sure your installation is clean, execute a sequence of installation, removal of regions little by little to reduce the risk of download failure.

One last thing, can you send your log.txt file (from the root of X-plane folder), so that we can check there is no unexpected error? This would confort the idea that the system files are clean.
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Thanks for the advice!

But it would be better if the installer itself can identify the error upon download and check the file integrity by means of CRC or something else.

As for the log file, I would probably check it myself due to some privacy issue.

Again thanks for your help.
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That would be the best solution indeed. I think you should file a bug report there, for your idea to be taken into account (I am just a normal user) :

Thanks for your vote.
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I checked the installer log created on initital installation again and finally find out that it was my mistake to misremember the expected size.

In the log it reads "This will take approximately 25 hours to complete, and it will consume 59.9 GB on your hard drive." Which means that my installation is probably intact and the installer should never to be blamed.

I feel terribly sorry for that and I truly appreciate you for you help!
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Hi, thank you for posting this. It is ok, don't worry :)