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- How big are the files that contain the scenery, airports, etc... that will be loaded to the HD or SSD when installing X-Plane 10 Global?  (I tried to find this info from the X-Plane site, but didn't find...)

- Should I install those files to SSD (I have 128GB) or HD (I have 1 Tt SATA 5400 RPM)? If installed to HD shall the performance be significantly worse than if installed to SSD and in what kind of situations the worse performance would be seen? My main purpose is to practice landings in all kinds of weather conditions to one airfield like EFHK with modest scenery, so if the scenery of EFHK is in HD, shall I suffer from poor performance?

- If the files are very big, is it possible to install the files only partially, like just Finland area or EFHK area to SSD and how big would those files be?

- What is the size of the files in SSD that are required to run X-Plane 10 Global; I mean the exe- and other program files without the scenery and airports -files.

- Is it somehow beneficial to have an optical disc drive for X-Plane DVDs or is it simply faster if I have all the scenery and airport -data loaded to the HD?

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In order:

- The full install is about 60GB

- If you install to SSD you will have faster loading times for your flight (i.e. from choosing options to the moment you can start flying). It couls also be faster for some addon scenery (ie. photo scenery etc.) otherwise it won't make much difference

- You can install the scenery you want, it let's you choose during the installation

- This doesn't even make sense.. you need SOME scenery at least.

- It's not beneficial, and you certainly cannot run the game from discs! But you NEED the optical drive because DVD 1 has to be in the drive.  The alternatives to this is to either buy the digital version (more expensive) or buy the Steam Version.
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Thank you for the clarifying answers!