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My broadband internet connection is excellent, nevertheless I'm getting about 20 KB/s download speed (from Highwinds CDN) for the X-Plane 11 digital download.  I live in Australia.

It will take me 36 hours just to download USA and Europe !!  Utterly ridiculous !

It is unacceptable to say, sorry, we only have one server in Australia.

Whoever Highwinds CDN is, this is unacceptably slow. I experienced similar slow update speeds in the past, so this is not an isolated event.

Laminar, you need to fix this problem now.  It is incredibly frustrating.

I would like you to send me the DVDs for X-Plane11 free of charge as my digital download does not allow me to install the product in a reasonable time frame.


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Snail slow in Arizona too. Downloading at half of what my DSL is capable of..

 Laminar cheaped out on the servers.

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It's 2019 and not much has changed.  Loading only 1 country scenery (Australia) and 53 hour download expected at 39 kilobytes/sec on a 100Mbit/sec Internet link at my end.  Have you guys heard that 33k modems are outdated?

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Please contact customer support at [email protected] to take your demands up with them.
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I'm in New Zealand and experiencing the same utterly slow speeds. Looking at people's feedback on the Net, this has been an issue since 2016 or earlier (to be clear, I'm referring to appalling download speeds from Highwinds CDN). Irrespective of your customers "demands", what is Laminar doing to address this problem?