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here in norway where i live i have an internet speed of 1400KB/s and when i download from steam i get that speed. But when i download from the xplane installer it stays around 400KB/s, and the highest it has been is 1000KB/s. So why is the server so slow? And is there anything i can do about it, or you at laminar research?

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Unfortunately, our CDN that provides the download only has one server for coverage in that area. You are probably downloading from servers that are quite a ways away.

We recommend only installing a small amount of scenery at a time to complete the download as quickly as possible.

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Same here in Sydney Australia - download speed = 25 KILOBITS / sec [:o

I'm just loading the minimum scenery for Australia = 8Gb ...

That is going to take 85 hours = 3 1/2 days !

What can I do to make this a bit faster (we have a 30Mbps service here).