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Hi There,

I'm in western part of europe and download speed is very slow max between 400 and 750 kb/s and timeout errors. it takes me several hours to download. So I quit the installation. I'm not the first person complaining about this issue. You definitly should switch to another CDN  increase download bandwith or make use of several mirrors around the world. See attached download graph. Tried it several time's no improvement.

It seems like a bandwith restriction at your CDN provider. Because other's have the same download limit.


UPDATE 12 dec 2016: 

After buying and download of version 11 from on 11 dec tehe speed was still low and unstable.

Today 12 dec the download is at maximum speed of my ADSL connection and stable al the time See attachment!


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I am in Canada East coast and I just installed Linux software on a hard drive and downloaded X-Plane 11 in 2 hours  real fast Something to do with Windows maybe .

I had no pauses at all and nothing saying unable to connect and then restart ..

Strange it is so slow on a Microsoft OS

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Same here in Sydney Australia - download speed = 25 KILOBITS / sec [:o

I'm just loading the minimum scenery for Australia = 8Gb ...

That is going to take 85 hours = 3 1/2 days !

What can I do to make this a bit faster (we have a 30Mbps service here).
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if I pray to the god off beetroots and cross the orange tree with the bitter strawberry plant I get 100kb  download speeds

from such an organisation I expect better Shame on you for being Such CheapSkates