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I have a frame rate of 35 f/s before I plug in my stick and pedals. After they're connected the rate drops to 18. I have a fast video card. Does anyone know if that's normal and if not, what the problem might be? I use Ubuntu and x-plane 11 beta
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I unchecked the beta box and updated x-plane 11. Fixed my problem completely. 35 f/s with or without pedals and stick. Thank you sir...
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I too uninstalled the Beta and went back down to 11.11 and my framerate went back up from 11-12 fps to 40fps. The Beta has serious framerate issues.

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No I don't think that is normal. Is this a new development with the latest beta? If so, try to be methodical about testing it. I would recommend checking fps with & without devices on X-Plane 11.11 at KSEA with the default C172. Then compare that to the beta. Send a bug report with the log & detailed info on your steps & results.

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